Zoho Inc Joined hands with TVS to invest in Electrical Vehicles.



    Zoho Inc Joined hands with TVS to invest in Electrical Vehicles

    As Fuel is getting costly in India, Many big motor companies are looking into the possibilities to come up with EV’s with a variety of ranges. Now, EV’s are a happening thing across the world. Coming to the latest news, Zoho Joined hands with TVS to invest and UltravioletteEV.

    Imagine a future without petrol or diesel, if that is where we are heading, then EV’s will become the new norm. And about the price, well technology tends to get cheaper over time. This is just the beginning.

    Electric Vehicles are the future! and it is a new norm. I am looking forward to seeing the bright future of the new all-India all original electric motorbike company!

    As per today’s tweet from Sridhar Vembu (Founder of Zoho Inc), they joined with TVS Motor Company to invest in UltravioletteEV company who works on producing electrical bikes in India.

    “I took the Ultraviolette electric bike around my area roads and asked random passing bikers to test ride it and give their feedback. They were so impressed they wanted to buy it immediately. One of them even offered to come to the factory to buy!”: – Sridhar Vembu mentioned on Twitter.

    The Ultraviolette F77 Electrical Bike is fully designed and developed in India. As per the test rider’s comments, it is India’s first electric sportbike on a race track.

    It looks stunningly good… The styling and design make it look like a sports bike And the great thing is it’s designed by Indians in India.

    For specifications of F77, have a look at https://www.ultraviolette.com/f77.html

    My personal comment on UltravioletteEV

    When we saw the picture of this Electric Bike last year, ignored it thinking that it might be some expensive sports bike from a foreign country. But when I read about it this week, I couldn’t believe my eyes reading the fact that Ultraviolette is an Indian Electrical Vehicle startup. The team behind this bike has done a fabulous job and it looks stunning. I am really looking forward to seeing a more refined and improved final product by late next year. The price bracket is also attractive considering the fact that EV in India is at its early stage. I hope the Indian Government would give a Big Boost to such ambitious startups in the EV sector and provide better infrastructure and other facilities to help to make India better in EV. When EVs become the new standard, fossil fuel demand would largely come down and our dependence on the mercy of US & Gulf conglomerates would reduce drastically and in turn contribute to the financial stability of the nation simultaneously making it cleaner and greener.

    Proud to know that Indian brands are becoming a game-changer.

    Advantages of having a electrical vehicle :

    • Pollution-free – Biggest advantage to our lives.
    • Maintenance-free
    • No Emissions at all
    • No Fuel
    • Good performance
    • Truly eco-friendly

    Notable concerns :

    • Charging time – Many batteries takes more time to get fully charged.
    • Driving Range with one full charge – This is a major concern.
    • Battery life – Notable innovation should come in place to improve battery performances better.

    Keep tuning to this space for more updates on Electronic Bikes.



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