what is mAdhaar app and it uses?



    A brief story on the new mAadhaar app and its uses.

    India is transforming towards the Digital revolution and came up with many transformational initiatives. As part, our Govt has introduced many digital platforms. mAadhaar is one of them. Let’s discuss what is mAdhaar app.

    Aadhaar number is a 12 digit unique identity number issued by Govt of India to every Indian citizen. It is very important to have an Aadhaar card to be eligible for Govt schemes.

    In order to obtain the Aadhaar, one must give their biometric and demographic data in the Aadhaar enrollment centers. We need to link our Aadhaar card with bank accounts, network (mobile numbers), PAN and with UAN (provided fund).

    As per the current trends,

    Aadhaar is the world’s biggest biometric ID/authentication process system and its importance is very high and people are looking for a smart solution to have the smart Aadhaar card without carrying their original card.
    UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) came up with a smart Aadhaar solution with the mAadhaar app.
    You can install this app on iPhone and android mobiles (Android 5.0 & above).

    Uses of Aadhaar Card

    • Identity Card.
    • Availing of Subsidies from Govt like LPG Subsidy.
    • Bank accounts linking & Bank account opening.
    • PAN linking & Income tax purposes.
    • Provident Fund linking & to withdraw PF amount.
    • With an Aadhaar card, you can get a passport very quickly (~10 days).
    • For the Demat account opening process, Securities and Exchange Board of India is accepting Aadhaar as identity proof.

    The new mAadhaar app is easy to use and more secured towards data breaching.

    You can download a new mAadhaar app from both the google store and apple store.

    Where to download the new mAadhaar app:

    Click here to download your e-a\Aadhaar: Aadhaar card download

    To download the mAadhaar App: mAadhaar card download

    I hope you are clear about what is mAdhaar app and its uses. So keep tuning with us!

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