Tips that should be followed by investors



    Tips that should be followed by investors

    Investing in stocks is easy with sound knowledge on the stock market and patience. It is very important to understand and know the tips that should be followed by investors.

    Hoping you all doing great and having more green color numbers in your portfolio. In order to play safe investing, We would like to give few tips to be followed by every investor.

    As we are going digital, we should be very focused on stock market developments and market journey.

    Okay, Let’s discuss tips to be followed by investors.

    In view considering the recent developments in the securities market, we advise the following:

    Tips for investors

    Ensure that the pay-out of your funds/securities is received in your account within 1 working day from the date of pay-out.

    Be careful about POA (power of attorney) and specify the rights for your broker.

    As per SEBI, POA is not a mandatory requirement.

    We should be getting the contract notes within 24 hours of your trades.

    Ensure that you are receiving the statement of account from your Broker on a quarterly basis.

    Please note that securities provided by you towards margin are not permitted to be pledged by your stockbroker for raising funds.

    Don’t keep funds and securities idle with your stockbroker.

    Regularly log in to your account and verify your portfolio and balances.

    Follow the messages sent by exchanges on a regular basis regarding funds and securities.

    Keep your contact number, address, and email updated with the stockbroker.

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