Learn how to live with coronavirus in our midst



    Learn how to live with coronavirus in our midst and take appropriate preventive measures to cut the transmission.

    The first things first! It is a very important need to understand about this pandemic situation and act accordingly to save ourselves and our near &dear. Now we discuss Learn how to live with coronavirus in our midst

    The whole world is struggling with coronavirus and everyone (you & me) is staying at home to help ourselves. Our governments are doing their best to break the chain of transmission and treating the patients well.

    The fact is that our life is in our hands. Yes, we need to follow their (state and central govt.) instructions and keep practicing social distancing at scale.

    Remember that, these curves will take some time to come back to flatten the shape. until we need to be very careful and maintain appropriate preventive measures.

    Major Challenges are:

    • Should cut the chain of transmission.
    • Research on Vaccine preparation.

    There is one golden saying ‘Health is Wealth’. This is Absolutely True. If you are good enough with our health, the future is yours as we have more time to learn and earn the things for a better future. So, don’t get panic and disappoint. Tomorrow is ours!

    Follow the best possible Preventive Measures:

    1. Avoid mass gatherings: Try to avoid mass meetings until it is very much important.
    2. Be hygiene (Wash your hands frequently).
    3. Avoid traveling, I say zero.
    4. Educate your near and dear on preventive measures.
    5. Try to add immunity boosters (food) in your diet.
    6. Maintain safe distancing from others.
    7. Bring your work to home.
    8. Stay at home if you feel unwell

    If you are not feeling well, stay home and try to maintain some distance with other family members by the following self-quarantine in your home.

    The self-quarantine process is the best practice for individuals who have been directly exposed to the COVID-19 or have a history of travel in infected or heavily crowded areas.

    • Check the temperature of your body at least twice a day.
    • If you’re sick or suspect yourself to be sick, it’s best to stay in a designated room or area away from others.
    • Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol or hand sanitizer.

    Wearing a mask is important and make it a regular practice for better health and follow the below for better practice. Don’t reuse it for a long time.

    • Clean the hands properly before putting on a mask.
    • Cover nose, mouth with your mask and make sure there are no gaps.
    • Replace with a new one on a weekly basis (it depends upon the quality of the mask)
    • Don’t touch the mask while removing it.

    More testing practices will help us to identify the causes and treat them.

    Here are the best tips to stay at home and stay safe

    • Spend more time with family and try to reduce the Screen Time. – People are very much addicted to OTT and not getting time to chit chat with friends and family members. it is good to stay away from devices FOR SOME TIME and decrease the screen time.
    • be happy and help your mother in the kitchen
    • Mother is a source of love and best care. This is the time for you to share your love back. Utilize this lockdown (stay at home) time to help your best half or your mother in the kitchen. Learn something new in the kitchen and share your talent!
    • help your brother or sister in studies.
    • This is one more good idea to help your buddies in their studies.
    • clean the house as much as you can.
    • Cleaning is very much important to kill the bugs in your house. Use appropriate liquids to clean it properly to avoid infections from bugs.
    • be hygiene and stay safe
    • Hygiene plays a vital role in a healthy life.
    • Talk with your children about their dreams and passions.
    • Spend some valuable time to discuss your children’s passions and dreams to guide them effectively.
    • Spend valuable time with your parents and entertain them.
    • Educate your near and dear on preventive measures.
    • Don’t mix the work and family time!
    • like writing, reading, exercising, connecting with nature, swimming, meditating or so many things.

    Additionally, Governments may look into the below:

    Test – We may require additional Testing capacity to trace the infections to cut the transmission from person to person. If you have any symptoms you may consider seeing a doctor.

    Trace – Tracing is an infected person who is a little bit tough part. We need to be a responsible volunteer to save our country. Yes, together we heal.

    Treat- Central and state governments are doing their best for infected patients. It looks like the death ratio is very low. I hope the curve will come to a flatten state as soon as possible.

    Together We Heal. We encourage all of you to stay home and stay safe.

    All we need is to learn the effective utilization of available resources to get our things done. This helps you to win and make you strong enough in life.

    The important step is to cut the transmission of the virus from person to person. It helps us to get out of the corona soon.

    What we need:

    All we need is a good quality health service from the government, they should continue this pro-active step and ready to identify the people with the disease and isolate them. Secondly, making sure that health workers are protected so that hospital services are able to function. It does take some time to bend these curves.

    I hope you are clear on Learn how to live with coronavirus in our midst.

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