International Money transfer feature on PhonePe



    International Money transfer feature on PhonePe

    You may be having different reasons to send your money abord. Let’s discuss the international money transfer feature on PhonePe

    Looking for an option to transfer the money internationally to relatives, friends or family members? If yes! the below post is exclusively for you.

    The wait is over, Now you can transfer your money internationally using PhonePe app! by following below steps

    1. Install app

    2. Select “Send Aboard” under money transfers.

    3. Select the ‘you send’ and ‘Beneficiary receives’ options and total payable amount as shown below

    4. Transaction summary

    5. Add Beneficiary (The person or company you are paying is known as a beneficiary).

    6. Complete the registration with InstaReM

    You Should Know the below before Sending Money internationally

    1. Know the law.
    2. Best options.
    3. Exchange rates.
    4. Service charges
    5. Verify the reputation of the service provider
    6. Check about the speed of the transfer

    Transaction charges/transfer fee: it varies depends upon the currency and please take while using the app and take care of your money!

    It is recommended to verify this feature by oneself and proceed, we are not responsible for any issues related to the transaction/this feature.

    For disclaimer: Click here 

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