How To Start a blog and earning money?




    Want to connect the world with your great stuff? and earn some money out of it? There are a plethora of opportunities for you. Let’s discuss how to start a blog and start earning money?

    Blogging helps you to reach the billions of audience across the world. you can promote yourself or your business with the great stuff.

    How to Create a Blog? 

    So, now you would like to make a blog, but you’re not good at coding! Relax, WordPress has solved this issue. With WordPress, you’ll create an internet site within a couple of minutes. Follow the below steps to understand How To Start a blog and start earning money.

    Choose a name for your website/startup : 

    First things first. In order to create an internet site, the very very first thing you’ll need maybe a name. The name is your website name and address.

    So, now it is time to name your brainchild and start the game. Here are the tips for Naming Your Brand New Startup Business.

    1. Keep it simple and short.
    2. List down a few names based on your company’s vision/mission and services that you offer.
    3. Make Sure It is Easy to remember, spell, type.
    4. Avoid using special characters and numbers in between.
    5. Think for the long term.
    6. Discuss it with your friends and research well.

    Good thing is that you have got options. Act wisely and select a good name for your brand new startup.

    In order to create an internet site, the very very first thing you’ll need maybe a name. The name is your website name and address.

    Ex : .com, .org , .in .edu and more.

    Register your domain name now

    Get your Web Hosting ready and move on :

    In addition to having a website name, you’ll also need website hosting (web hosting). Web hosting may be a service that hosts and stores your website files (content) on a secure server that’s always up and running. Without an internet host, your site won’t be accessible for others to read and browse. Affordable and reliable web hosting for brand spanking new websites costs usually between $3 to $10 a month. It is just equal to a cup of coffee, but a crucial investment for your website success.

    Consider reading below before opting for a web hosting plan.

    1. Read all the features like Bandwidth and Disk space/access.
    2. Understand your site requirements.
    3. Check whether they provide SSD or HDD (SSDs are good than standard HDDs).
    4. Backup and security also matter.

    We’ve been suggesting Bluehost as a blog/website hosting and domain name registrar for years.

    Set Up your Website using WordPress.

    Once you’ve got your name and web hosting able to go, you’ll get to choose and install an internet site building platform (also referred to as CMS). It the best way to choose WordPress since it’s easy to use and comes with thousands of free designs and add-ons that make your website look professional and unique. fixing your WordPress website is straightforward, and your web host mostly does it for you, so you don’t really need to get your hands too dirty.

    Customize Your Website Design and Structure

    WordPress comes with its own set of themes. you’ll ‘demo’ all to seek out which most closely fits the aim and vibe of your site. to put in a free WordPress theme, follow these simple steps:

    Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

    Hover over ‘Appearance’, then click ‘Themes’. this may take you thru to the theme dashboard.

    Click the button above the themes that say ‘Add New’, then browse themes under ‘Featured’, ‘Popular’ etc, or use the search bar to look for specific industries.

    Demo a couple of themes to seek out the one you wish, then hit ‘Install’ under the theme to download it.

    After a few minutes, a button will appear under the theme that says ‘Activate’. Click this, and therefore the theme is all yours!

    Add Content/Pages to Your Website

    Pages are easy to make in WordPress. But before we get into the how-to, let’s discuss what pages you ought to create within the first place. Most websites will find the subsequent pages essential: 

    • Homepage – it’s the primary page that your visitors see once they attend your website 
    • About page – a page explaining what your website is about 
    • Contact page – a page letting visitors contact you 
    • Blog page – an inventory of your most up-to-date blog posts; if you’re not planning on blogging, you’ll use the blog page as an area for your company news and announcements 
    • Services page – if the web site you’re building is for a business, use this page to showcase your services 
    • Shop page – for companies that want to launch an eCommerce store

    Now It’s ready – You’re ready to Launch! So, now let’s discuss how you’ll earn passive income via blogging

    Anyone can start a blog, yes. But the way to start a blog and make money with it? That’s an entirely different question – and it becomes more complicated if you’re just doing it for the sake of cash with no hard work!

    To make life-changing money from your blog as fast as possible, you would like to start out thinking like a CEO and developing systems to scale your blog like a startup, not a hobby.

    Let’s first dive into the importance of Blogging 

    • Helps Get Your Website Found

    The ultimate goal of creating blogs is to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your website as possible. Once you create a blog post this creates another indexed page on your website, meaning it’s another opportunity for you to point it out in search engines and drive traffic to your website. Creating content regularly informs search engines, like Google, that your website is actively updated and thus should be checked frequently to ascertain what new content has surfaced.

    • Use That Traffic to Convert Visitors to Leads

    When you attract new visitors to your website this creates a great opportunity to get leads. This is often where your Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are available handy. A CTA may be a way of directing your website visitors through your website, to stay them working on your site, guide them through their journey from awareness to get. Good CTA’s include “Find out more”, “download”, discounts, free offers, options to subscribe your list, etc. you’ll also use the CTA button on a blog post to maneuver the visitor along to a different relevant blog topic on your website or maybe convert them to an appropriate page on your website that explains your services.

    • Blogs are Long-Term

    Once your blog is indexed in search engines it remains there, meaning your blog can still gain traffic and generate leads weeks, months, and even years after. Don’t search for instant leads and many views, give your blog time to get interested. Blog topics that are evergreen will constantly generate more views month after month, so confirm to write down about topics you recognize are going to be of interest to your audience.

    • Blogs Give Your Company a Voice

    Blogging provides you to share information regarding your business and its services but it also allows you to share opinions and thoughts on certain topics. Blogging may be a good way to make a personality for your company and makes your business more credible approachable. So, don’t be afraid to share your interests on your blogs, discuss timely news topics or market trends or educate your readers on a specific topic. Always make certain you write blogs together with your audience in mind.

    So, now when you understand the importance of blogging. Now it’s time to gain some knowledge on how to create a blog.

    Different Opportunities on How to Earn from Blogging 

    1. Google AdSense

    Hands down, Google AdSense remains the foremost effective method to monetize a blog. But it can offer you decent money once your blog starts getting massive traffic.

    Let’s say you’re getting 1,000 visits each day, you’ll easily expect 200$ to 300$ a month by leveraging your blog traffic. Place your GA ads wisely to urge more clicks. After all, it’s all about more clicks = more money!

    2. Banner ads

    If you’re not curious about placing Google AdSense ads on your blog, showing banner ads is the best way to make extra money. Use Buy and sell advertisement services to post your blog details. If your blog is receiving potential traffic, you’ll get many opportunities from people to put their ads on your sites. you’ll contact some big brands in your niche for direct advertisement. It’s one of the profitable methods to earn from blogging.

    3. Blog services

    If you’re a beginner and have a passion towards selling your skills, this is often definitely for you. you’ll sell your writing services, logo services, theme creation, or plugin generation services on your blogs to form money.

    The good thing about this monetization model is, you don’t need huge traffic to form extra money. But you are doing need quality exposure from the proper people to require your services. The more clients you’ve got the extra money you’ll generate each and each month.

    4. Affiliate marketing

    Want to earn money even while you sleep? Affiliate marketing is the right choice for you then. But you are going to have to have some skills to sell other products on your sites. Remember nobody likes to shop for stuff from strangers. So if you’ve got an email list of hungry people you’ll make a lot of money from affiliate marketing. Patience is the real key to making extra money from affiliate marketing.

    5. Sell your own products

    If nothing works for you to form money online, sell your own products. It can be from selling plugins, eBooks, information products, themes, etc. It totally depends on your skills. find out where you’re good at. Are you a far better writer, developer, or speaker? Launch your products after analyzing your skills to maximize your revenue.

    Importance of Social Media Page For Blogging 

    The importance of social media marketing is very large for a blogger though, therefore the key thing is to urge the ball rolling, and obtain active on a minimum of different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

    You need to treat your blog as a brand so as to realize productive results from it at the end of the day. By having your distinctive presence on social media, you’ll be easily recognized by your readers. 

    When it involves social media, you ought to never underestimate the facility of your followers. you’ll even drive a hashtag marketing campaign and use it in your preference to improve your SEO results. It also helps in crawling your blog, which is completed by most of the main search engines. Try including a couple of appropriate hashtags and mention the handle of relevant users while posting an update


    Overall, now we’ve seen alternative ways to earn money from blogging. But what proportion you’ll make from blogging is variable. that is the nature of monetizing a blog at the beginning, however with time bloggers can do alright. Monetising a blog takes time and relies on you having some traffic. The more readers you’ve got, the more attractive you’re to advertisers. to form an honest income from blogging, belief having multiple streams of income coming in from different sources and through different means.

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