How to become a solopreneur?



    How to become a solopreneur?

    Solopreneur is one who runs a business/enterprise/startup without the help of a partner or employee.

    India needs your talent! There a plethora of super good opportunities are waiting for you. All you need to do is grab them better and lead the path. Identify what you are good at and focus on opportunities to put your strengths to pay well.

    We know it is not an easy way to become an entrepreneur/innovator/overnight but nothing is impossible with consistent trails and focused hardworking.

    We help you to do your best on the scale with all we have. You may look at the below and create your own strategy to convert your idea into a super scalable unicorn.

     First things first,

    1. Find the next big idea

    One great idea can help to grow better but it is not enough!

    Write down your strengths and capabilities. Look for the opportunity that fits your skills and analyze it better. It is important to have sufficient time to finalize the idea that you want to implement and go with.

    2. Research and analysis

    Once you decided to go with an idea, It is very important to understand and research your business area.

    Gathering the best possible information for your idea is key and it super important. The better you analyze, the better you implement.

    One must pay attention to understanding how others in your field are doing and research their business model.

    3. Name it well

    The name plays a vital to reach more and more people in your journey. look for name suggestion tools and note down a few. now, discuss these names with your best buddies or like-minded people and finalize one for your idea.

    This is the crucial step for any business as the idea starts to take shape from here.

    Once you finalize the name register the domain here.

     4. Do POC and test if it working

    Allocate some quality time (2hr/day) to start prototyping your dream project and enhance it better.

     5. Define a budget

    Every startup needs some products to buy, services opt-in, digital tools for daily operations, and other expenses you’ll need for your business.

    6. Start building your own brand

    Starting your own brand is not that easy but doable. Below are important elements that you need to take care of.


    brand colors


    Social media handles

    7. Create deep digital footprints

    It is very important to choose the right tools and help your business to make an impactful difference from day one.

    8. Network well

    9. Think of automating a few tasks

    Automation is key to get rid of some recurring tasks to invest the quality time on business growth.

    10.  Define your next level

    You have created your brand. Just define the next level and lead the path.

    Every solopreneur needs a strong digital footprint as they run their business alone and strive for growth without external efforts. UnlockTheNXT helps small businesses to their best and our partners can help them to free up their time from tasks outside their core areas of interest so they will have more time to focus on tasks that will help them grow better.

    Solopreneurship is an awesomely good option for Designers, Writers, Coaches, Bloggers, Consultants, Artists, illustrators, and any other service provider who works with clients one-on-one.

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