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    Google Visual Positioning System – All You Need To Know

    Google Maps… This is the common word that we use in our daily travels. Google maps is truly an awesome feature from google inc. Let’s discuss on google visual positioning system.

    Google Maps, helping us in a big way for directions from one place to another.

    It recommends us faster routes to avoid traffic.

    Can we live without Gmaps in this digital world?, I know,

    The answer is Big Nooooooooooooo.

    First things first, Google Maps first started as a c++ program designed (Later, converted into a web app) by two Danish brothers and the company was acquired by Google.

    A little story about Google maps

    Google maps were launched in February 2005.

    Many third-party websites are using Google maps by embedding it with Google Maps API.

    Now, Google (out tech god) announced a new feature called Visual Positioning system to help the existing Google maps navigation feature GPS (Global positioning system) to identify where you are with greater accuracy.

    Visual Positioning System feature uses the phone’s back camera and back-end data to analyze the surroundings for the best accuracy.

    You see the places around you with your camera.

    Users can use their phone camera to spot their surroundings

    This truly a mind-blowing update in the navigation world is creating much buzz.

    Good for in heavily populated urban areas.
    No more hassles of GPS.

    More about Google Visual Positioning System

    It Leverages all existing possibilities of the GPS system and works with augmented reality.

    We are yet to hear from Google about releasing this amazing add-on navigation feature and we waiting to make use of this amazing technology, yet to hear from Google.

    Google Maps team has also been experimenting with a digital avatar (with a cartoon fox) to guide users.

    I hope you are clear about Google VPS.

    You are a rock star now, have happy learning.

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    Thanks a lot.

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