How Google shaped my life digitally better?



    How Google shaped my life digitally better.

    Hey, I would like to tell you my personal growth story with internet giant ‘Google’. I should thank the world’s best information leader ‘Google’. So now we will discuss how Google shaped my life digitally better. I promise you will not get bored with me. Let’s get started without wasting our time!

    Are you familiar with the libraries in villages (where we go and read the books)? Hope everybody says ‘Yes’. Then here is a question, why do we read the books? It is to enhance our existing skills or to know the updated information. This is where I started loving the information.

    The reason behind my special interest in information

    I really love reading, learning, and sharing my knowledge with near and dear to help them with the essential information. I recently started this own financial blog and writing my own articles with the help of Google’s knowledge. Let me introduce my dear lovely friend ‘Google’. I really love him for the speed, data, tools that it provides!

    Google is a big library for me where I learned a lot and got almost everything related to knowledge.
    It has a plethora of services to help every individual including people and businesses in this world. Few of you may use it in our daily life and others may not have discovered yet.

    The more commonly used services include Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube.

    We are in a digital age with information and technology-enabled devices. Information is the key here. It can enable you to do your works digitally with fewer efforts.

    I say Google is an information Bank, data lake, helper, teacher, basic doctor, researcher, useful store, supermarket, payment gateway, and many more.

    My journey with different Google products


    I started using google products from 2008, it was Gmail where I started with. I first opened Gmail for my engineering web counseling registration process. Mailing is the key communication channel in our daily life. We send the mail and receive the responses, etc.

    Gmail provides 15GB space for every account and it is more than enough for normal usage.

    Google Photos:

    I started using google photos to save my internal storage on the phone and uploaded thousands of photos in it. Unfortunately, it led me to buy extra storage from google drive. This feature is awesome and helps you to save every photo you click and save from different websites. It creates collages and movies based on location, time, and people. It uses face recognition and separates the stored photos based upon the person and even you can name them for better internal filtering options.

    Google documents

    I started using google documents and it was a great asset to help us as part of my graduation project. We have not installed any Microsoft office tools and used Google documents for both read and write operations.
    With Google, we can be more productive and do things easily with the help of a variety of Google products.
    Whatever the query I get in my mind, I use google search to find the answers.

    Google Drive:

    Try to use google drive to store your files of many formats and access them immediately whenever you want. It can be video, audio, image, whatever you need, Google drive has storage for everything. Get it, store it. It is very simple.


    Blogger is the best place for website beginners!

    I started my first blog in 2009 to help engineering graduates with the required information. Within no time we have started a website named www.crazybtech.in and extensively worked on it for two years. It was super popular and went down upon my successful graduation! 🙂
    Google Blogger is the best platform for information enthusiasts to share their knowledge on the world wide web (www). No need to think about website hosting, domain name registration, DNS except your beautiful content. If are good at creating valuable content then it is the best platform that can give you earnings for your valuable content. It is an awesome pack to start your identity on www within no time.

    Start your blog today with a blogger.

    Google Cloud

    Google cloud is an awesome cloud solution for digital solutions where you can do a plethora of awesome works. I’m using google cloud virtual machine solution for my blog. It is going very with light speed. you can easily set up this with the basic technical knowledge and with minimal training on google cloud concepts. I hope you rock the game!


    Youtube is the pond of videos! on the different categories. It hits nearly 2 billion views a day, it is the second most viewed website in the world.

    I started using YouTube for entertainment, knowledge, Fun, Information.

    You can get answers for anything that starts with the below word!

    • Why?
    • How?
    • When?
    • Where?
    • Whom?

    Nowadays there are many youtube channels that post frequent videos on youtube and earn a lot of money. I too started my own YouTube channel in 2010, I’m not working on it aggressively but many of my known friends are working on it and earning a handful of money from YouTube.


    Most of the phones in this world (As per my assumption at least 6 out of 10 smartphones) are running this most popular mobile operating system “Android”. Android is the Linux-based mobile OS developed by Google and it is one of the biggest projects for google.

    I bought my first android in 2011 and started with a Micromax device and upgraded it to HTC Explorer. It is easy to use android and we should have an eye on the security part. Don’t install spammy apps and give all the permissions to them. Do remember to update the versions and stay updated to avoid hacking practices.

    Below are the few popular devices that work on android.

    Tablet computers,
    Wearable devices,
    Cars and many other devices are running on android.

    Google Assistant:

    This is the voice assistant from Google. Do you how to use it? Let’s dive in.

    Okay, Google!! Okay, Google!!

    These are the two words that we need to use to activate Google Assistant.

    If you use google enabled device and you take help from google assistant to do almost anything from calling a person to booking a cab to your home.

    It can help you with below,

    • Calling to your friend
    • Cab booking
    • Weather
    • Internet surfing
    • Open apps, etc.

    Google Translate

    How many languages do you speak? 1,2,3, 4!! No worries, our google has come up with the best tool to help us in a better way when we are in new places and not able to understand their language.

    Well, irrespective of the language, you can translate the voice into any language with the help of google translate feature.

    Google maps:

    I really love this app. It is the navigator and can help you with the directions to every corner of the world. Can you think of life without directions?? No. One should be there to help with the directions in a better way.

    Nowadays many services are depending on this google maps and below are a few,

    Ride-hailing services
    Food delivery services
    Grocery Services
    Medicine delivery services, etc.

    It helps us with directions, traffic, public transportation information, routes, and images of places.

    One cool fact is, we can help google maps platform by adding places and verifying the existing information and with a few other information updates. I’m actively contributing to google maps and help them to share the google maps better. I’m happy to say that ‘I’m a level 7 local guide’.

    Google Chrome:

    It is the best browser after IE and has more intelligence to do your things better.
    Google analytics: Analytics help us with better insights to drive our business in an effective way towards growth and profitability. I use google analytics for my website to understand the customer actions and the insights belonging to user visits. Really satisfied with this solution and happy for this free solution.

    Google Home:

    It eases your queries and helps you with the answers without any efforts. You can schedule the meetings and ask for the weather. Anything!!

    Google Flights:

    We always look for the best economic flight, right? This is what google flights do. It will help you with both the results. The low fare to high.

    Google Alerts

    Are you interested in a topic and want to get the updates on the same? If yes, Google alerts can help you stay informed about it. Google Alerts can send you a notification when that topic is mentioned on the Internet.
    For example, you can set up a Google Alert for your name, your company’s name, or your favorite TV show.
    It helps you to convert the different measures.
    Google grew very quickly because it provided a superior search experience.
    Access to billions of pages of information in microseconds is excellent customer service, particularly when there is no direct charge.
    Google has become an essential business tool that I personally use every day.

    Google Pay

    It is another flagship app that enables simple and easy payments using unified payment interface technology without any charges.

    • Money transactions made simple.
    • People should be more cautious about the security part to prevent unauthorized transactions.
    • It enables you to send and receive the money very quickly.
    • You may get rewarded with cash backs and other offers.
    • Hope google uses additional security layers to provide the best in class security measures to the end-user.
    • Best fit for utility and regular bill payments.


    I had a great experience with Google products and they helped me to do my best in digital life. Google projects have enough potential to become popular. Adapt the technology in your life to ease and improve the accuracy of the activities.

    Allowing technology with the best available security resources is a really good and added advantage.

    Technology is an inextricable part of human life for better digital tomorrow.

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    Hoping for the best time!!

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