Cred : India’s most rewarding payment app



    Cred: India’s most rewarding credit card bill payment app

    You receive rewards for not just using credit cards but also for clearing the bills using Cred app. So we discuss India’s most rewarding credit card bill payment app

    Interesting right? Let’s see how?

    Cred is a credit card payments app, enables you to pay all your credit card bills from a single interface. It quite nice and simple to use.

    Founded by great entrepreneur Kunal Shah (free charge app founder).

    How does it work?

    This app enables you to pay your outstanding credit card bills in a simpler manner and get rewarded through paying the credit card bills.

    You can manage all of your credit cards seamlessly.

    If you opt for Cred protect, it will remind you to pay all of your credit card bills, so you never miss your due dates in this busy world. thanks to Cred.

    Paying credit card bills using the Cred app is super easy and you can use UPI/Net Banking/debit card for the same.

    You will get an equal amount of credit points.

    Example: If you pay 1 Lakh to your card, you will get 1 Lakh cred points.

    There are many options and redeeming programs are available to redeem your cred points.

    My personal experience with Cred app :

    I personally got a one-month cult. fit subscription by redeeming ~30000 (30 K) cred points.

    Note: As per current policy, Only individuals with a credit score of 750 and above can access the cred service.

    How does it work?

    It’s very easy and hardly takes less than a minute to join the cred club!

    1. Install the app

    2. Use your mobile number for signup & verify it with OTP.

    3. Cred will automatically fetch your cards and get’s displayed ( integrated service with Credit Bureaus like Experian).

    4. It’s time to verify!!, yes. You need to verify your card to add them to the cred by filling the masked numbers of the card.

    5. CRED verifies your card instantly and done.

    6. Now you shall pay your credit card bills and get rewards.

    7. if you choose to add a new card, CRED verifies your credit card by depositing Rs.1 through IMPS/UPI.

    8. You are now an official cred club member!, That’s all!!

    Is CRED App Safe?

    Coming to the security aspect, It is well designed with all security measures.

    I feel that the Cred team is capable enough of the app without data breaches.


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